Make Money

by simply referring

your customers

to our first class

design services


Our Offer to You
ACD Designs has set up our own affiliate program to give corporations, as well as individuals, a chance to offer our world class design and development services to more consumers across the country and gain higher returns through our competitive pricing and high levels of customer service.
What Opportunities are there?
  • Corporations and small businesses are beginning to understand the power of online business presence and corporate identity.

  • Despite the knowledge, not everyone takes action as a result of barriers to entry (high costs etc).

  • Competitive prices from us translates to high market share for YOU and the ability to deploy higher markups.

  • This unique business model allows you to keep your own clients.

why choose us

  • At ACD Designs, we specialize in all things design and development and can cater to all of your customers' needs.

  • We are a white label affiliate and dont disclose OUR company name or details through to YOUR customers.

  • We understand that you want to deliver a seamless design process and can make sure this is of prime importance.

  • You will be affiliated with a widely known and respected Australian Company.

  • We can even send mockups and prototypes directly to YOUR customers FREE of charge and use YOUR invoice if you desire.

  • We use wholesale prices and let you do the marking up yourself.